We all know of at least a handful of plants that we are able to grow that have more use other than to make our gardens look good.

The lemon tree is probably the first that comes to mind. Just think for a second about the various ways that a lemon can come in handy on a daily basis! Truth is if you go out into your garden and look around, you will find a lot more plants that will have at least one use in the home. Lavender, rosemary and bay trees are just some of the millions of plants around the world that people use in their homes every day.

Even common old ivy has a use – when was the last time you were at a wedding? What was wrapped around the table centre piece? Ivy, of course – because of its colour and the way the leaves hold their shape it’s one of the best plants to use for a table dressing.

I recently also found out that even dandelion is great when it’s used in a smoothie, its green leaves are supposedly very good at helping our bodies to detox. In fact, a lot of over the counter medication we buy is based on commonly found plant extract. Of course, you can grow your own medicine if you like, and many people do, but that’s a whole other blog.

For the most part, we use our common garden plants in our everyday lives and don’t even realise it. So the next time you sit down at your garden table with your dandelion smoothie, the one you’re using to wash down your hangover cure, stop and think of the trees and plants it took for that moment to happen!

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