So I have eaten all the raspberries except one!

Apart from that, I decided that the best way forward from here was to dissect the last remaining raspberry and separate the seeds.

I was quite surprised to find no less than 45 seeds! Once I had all 45 juicy pods separated I squashed the juice out of them and could feel the seeds under the spoon. This was quite a messy job and now I see why rasberry juice can stain so badly! My fingers changed to a reddish colour as I tried to separate the seeds from the mush I had made from the squashing process.

Next, I guessed that it would be best to dry the seeds to get them ready for planting and what better way than a single square of toilet paper to soak up the juice. The seeds are very small and I realized that the only way I was going to transplant them to the toilet paper was with tweezers. I spaced them far enough apart so that once dry I can cut the toilet paper up and have 45 neatly wrapped seeds that can be planted as is, inside the toilet paper. The toilet paper will also help to absorb water in the beginning and will break down to nothing.