Vertical garden

For all the city dwellers out there who are frustrated gardeners, who think that they can’t garden because of a lack of space, take heart from an interesting gardening trend that has become popular in some European centres.

Known as metro-horticultural or vertical allotments, people challenged by their square footage are building gardens on their walls and growing their own vegetables and herbs for harvesting.

With the rising interest in using local produce, vertical gardening looks set to be an increasingly popular trend of the future as newly built homes become even smaller and more eco-friendly and urban populations around the world become denser.

The trend is not limited to homes – a chic new restaurant in Spain, for example, uses some of the produce from its ‘green’ wall. Green walls are also being used in new shopping centres, offices and London’s Olympic village to soften hard architectural lines and increase the ambience.

Building a green wall can add great value to your home. They’re useful for creating a feature of a wall or fence or disguising an ugly wall or corner. They can add texture, light and interest to any size of home and of course there’s the added bonus of being able to grow your own dinner.

Some companies in the UK are selling wall garden kits like the MiniGarden system, made up of modules that can be assembled as a free standing garden or can be screwed to a wall or fence. Unfortunately I don’t know if anyone is offering these garden wall modules locally, if I hear of any outlets I’ll post the details here. To be really eco-friendly, of course, it’s smarter to build your own.