1. Cut it too short

    If you cut your lawn too short, or cut it unevenly, it will cause sections of the grass to die off, resulting in brown patches. Check that your lawn mower is on the appropriate setting for your lawn – if it’s not, and parts of your lawn is dying, carefully fertilise and water, it should recover in a matter of weeks depending on the severity of the cut and the time of year.

    2. Fertilise incorrectly
    If you use chemical fertilizer, spread it carefully and evenly across the lawn, don’t over fertilise and don’t allow clumping – this will kill your lawn and if it’s bad enough, it may never recover. A safer option is to use organic fertilizer, it’s more expensive but worth it because it’s idiot proof. If you do use a chemical fertilizer, it’s essential to water immediately after spreading. If your fertilizer has caused damage, you’ll probably have to cut out the affected sections and lay roll on grass. Another solution is to fill in the holes with lawn dressing to encourage surrounding grass to grow in, watering and nurturing carefully but this can take 2 to 3 months before recovery is complete.

3. Spray the wrong weed killer

    A common mistake that people make is to spray the weeds in general areas with an all purpose weed killer, then using the same spray bottle for selective weed killer on their lawns. You need to clean the bottle thoroughly, at least 3 times or more, to ensure that there is no residue from the all purpose weed killer left in the bottle before spraying the lawn – even the smallest amount can result in your lawn dying back. If you suspect that this is the cause of brown patches on your lawn, cutting and filling is the only solution.
    4. Lay the wrong grass
    Choose the right grass for your plot. If you have lots of shade in your garden choose only berea or buffalo grass. If there’s very little shade then you’re free to plant any of the popular grass types available in South Africa. If your grass isn’t growing in the shade, it might be the wrong type. Ask an expert to have a look.
    5. Cut it too often
    If you cut your grass too often in winter, it may be too cold for the grass to flourish. Cut too often in summer and without sufficient water, the heat will burn the grass and your lawn will die, depending on the grass type. If you have buffalo lawn, it may not survive such harsh treatment, while kikuyu can be brought back to life with careful nurturing.