Most properties are protected by burglar bars and alarm systems, but have you ever thought of using your garden as a defense against intruders? The right choice of plants carefully placed, lights put in strategic places and careful pruning of bushes all help to increase your personal security. 

  • Plant a thorny, hardy creeper along boundary fences, especially in vulnerable areas, where your fence faces onto a street for example. This will make it uncomfortable for someone to jump over.   A climbing rose is a good choice, and the flower can be quite pretty. 


  • Don’t allow trees to grow near any boundary fences.  Trees allow for easy access into your garden.  Trim back branches so that they can’t be easily reached.


  • Trim back lower branches of trees and cut back bushes to prevent any convenient hiding spots for intruders.  When you enter your property you want to have a clear vision of your grounds, especially at night. If you do have any dark corners in your garden, illuminate with garden lights.  Shining lights onto walls, bushes or tree trunks will also help to create an attractive ambiance.


  • Keep the entrance to your property clear of any bushes or trees. 


  • Lock any garden tools safely away in a garden shed or in the house, don’t leave them lying around the garden.  Garden tools can be used by the opportunist intruder to break open locks and doors.


Think about how you would access your property if you locked yourself out – if you can get in, so can someone else.